Hinata Hyuga (A Pure Heart)

This page shows Hinata Hyuga (A Pure Heart)'s pros and cons, Ninjutsu, stats, skills, and abilities in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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How to Get

Hinata Hyuga (Pure Heart) is obtained as a reward for Phantom Castle.

Phantom Castle


Hinata Hyuga (A Pure Heart)

RatingS: 9.0/10

Kid Hinata is a Phantom Castle obtainable character and is a must have for quests involving Heart type enemies. She proves very useful for damage control and is one of the best balanced characters in terms of both damage and support.


Her base ATK stat is 1460 and her base HP stat is 1080. After "+ values", her ATK and HP are 1560 and 1380 respectively.


Her Ninjutsu costs 4 Chakra and inflicts Skill DMG with a DMG multiplier of 2x which is capable of hitting multiple enemies. Damage numbers are as follows: (Against) Neutral type enemies (3120), HRT type enemies (1560), BOD type enemies (4680).

Range and Skills

She has a short attack range which explains her higher than average ATK stat. Her Field Skill reduces the enemies' chance of substitution jutsu by 10-15%, which is situational at best. Her Buddy Skill reduces HRT DMG by 15% which can prove to be the winning factor in hard quests involving HRT type enemies.


Kid Hinata is arguably at the top of the best 5 star's at the moment and proves to be very useful in general. She fits the "hybrid" build of characters with good ATK/HP stats as well as a more than useful buddy skill (15% HRT DMG Reduction) which can fit into any team setup. Her short attack range may seem lackluster, but her jutsu range makes up for that by giving her better positioning. Compared to SKL Kakashi, she may seem to be the worser of the two, however, being a 5*, she can reduce the team cost and provide better team balance with the inclusion of better characters in the setup.Overall, Kid Hinata is a must have in any SKL based team and can carry her weight in any team if needed.


  • Long Distance Jutsu (Straight Horizontal Line)
  • DMG Reduction from HRT enemies (At 4 abilities unlocked, she receives less damage than neutral characters from HRT type enemies)
  • Buddy Skill reduces HRT damage by 15%.
  • High ATK for a 5*
  • Jutsu has a high chance of lowering enemies attack for 5 turns.


  • Short attack range
  • Lackluster Field Skill
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Max Star level5 Star
Base Cost22
(Limit Break)

Limit Break

Hinata Hyuga (Pure Heart) is currently not a subject to limit break.


Dashing Double Palm
4 star2x attack toward all enemies in range, 40% chance of reducing the attack of all enemies in range for 5 turns.Chakra:4


Field Skill
5 starReduces the enemies' chance of substitution jutsu by 10-15%.
Buddy Skill
5 starReduced heart damage by 15%.


1.Attack Boost
2.Reduce Heart Damage
3.Reduce Heart Damage
4.Reduce Heart Damage


5 star

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