This page explains what is buddy, the roll of buddies in a battle, and how to switch an active character to its buddy.
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What is buddy?

The combination of the front and back row

Characters at the front and back rows become buddies. For example, Itachi Uchiha ( A Cold-Hearted Criminal ) and Naruto Uzumaki (The Worst Loser ) are buddies in a screenshot below.

This system allow a back row character to support a front row character by buddy skills and a player to call a back row character up during a battle.

Buddy skills

Buddy skills are activated during a battle

A back row character's buddy skill become valid to help its buddy in a battle. The effect of those skills vary from increasing stats to restoring health. For details of skills, tap the link below.

Switching row

How to switch an active character to its buddy

Players can switch an active character to its buddy while in a battle by swiping a character icon down. There is no limit for switching and players can move a character between rows as many as they want.

Moving a character between rows helps players to select a character which has an element strong against enemies. Additionally, players can use Ninjutsus continuously since a back row character also charge chakra gauge.


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