This page notes what is awaken and how to awaken a character in the newly released Naruto app: Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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What is awaken?

Increases characters' star level

Awaken is the most important thing to power up a character. Once the character reaches its max level, it can be awakened to increase the star level and stats. Additionally, some of the characters acquire secret techniques, which are special moves requiring more chakra than Ninjutsu, as being awakened.

What are needed to awaken?

Awakening materials

Awakening requires specific awakening materials by characters. For example, Naruto Uzumaki ( The Worst Loser ) at star level 3 needs Awakening scrolls ( Heart Book ) to be awakened.


It also costs Ryo, which was a currency of Japan in the past. A player can earn Ryo by succeeding missions and as reward for deceiving conditions during missions.


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It won't let me awaken minato, it won't even allow me to click on him
<< Anonymous(K)
Izanami Reply
<< Anonymous(K)
Pain 4days ago Reply
Yomama 13days ago
I'm trying to awaken my character he's at max level but he's blacked out and I can't touch him to awaken him help please
i can awaken a card only once? Also, Most of my maxed 5 star cards are unclickable when i want to awaken them, can someone tell me why? And, some of my cards r at maxed level but it doesn't say max on them, anyone knows why is that?
<< Anonymous(Asum )
Naruto fan Reply
Cards that you awakened at 4* to 5* can not be awakened to 6*and certain cards that come 5* can not be awakened only certain cards can
<< Anonymous(Asum )
Red 24days ago Reply
Im having that same problem
Red 24days ago
Im having trouble awakening the "Zabuza the demon returns" hes max level and it wont even allow me to awaken to 6 star. Not even review the requirements
why cant i awaken my 4 star sasuke to 5 for some reason it wont let me also its sasuke lone survivor
Why cant i awaken my Ino 5*? I awakened her from 4* to 5*, it says she is now limit break capable but i cant get her to 6*, do i have to limit break her first or...?
<< Anonymous(Ughh)
Guy Reply
most 5* stay 5*, especially when they start from 4* most of the time
How do I get "red rings"?
This is the one
I want to awaken my card but need a f****** awakening scroll lvl 4 but that something i have never seen o.o how do i get it?
<< Anonymous(TheLastOne)
Isaac Reply
You need 6 three star scrolls. You can awaken them into four star scrolls.
Why do some characters say 'Ultimate' on their photo icons, but others don't?
<< Anonymous(Enderman)
Anoymous Reply
That is when they have reached a certain level they become the ultimate of that card
How can i awake itachi beyond the sharingan
Where can i find the materials to awaken Itachi Uchiha (Beyond the Sharingan)?

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