Transfering game data

This page explains how to take over game data.
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update 27/08/2016

Table of contents

How to transfer data

Checking user ID & transfer code


To see user ID and transfer code, tap "Other" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap "Data Transfer".


User ID and transfer code pops up. Note them to play the game on another device.

Playing game data on another device


Tap "Data Transfer" at the top of the start menu screen.


You will be asked to enter user ID and transfer code. By entering those codes, you can take your game data over.


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Anonymous 15days ago
Is it safe to transfer data from andoid til IOS?
<< Anonymous
Cum fag 2days ago Reply
Maybe Been ladden Cuck
Cum 2days ago
Anal culture is vumjudstoouyi
Anonymous 15days ago
i cant transfer data even though i have the id and code for it. i put it in and it's not letting me press ok on the screen
I'm trying to transfer that shit but it keeps asking me to finish the tutorial ¬¬'
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Stranger 23days ago Reply
Yeaaaah, it fucks me up too. Still need help
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
I am also getting the same thing..
Anonymous 23days ago
Eu anotei o id do core depois eu retornarei meu celular é baixei o jogo dinovo só que quando eu fui no transferir data coloquei o id eo code só que n tá dando certo
kaan 23days ago
How can we change the transfer code?
Naruto 23days ago
How do i transfer characters to a nother account that I been using for a while with out losing them??
I lost my id and the cod what i do?
<< Anonymous(Mael)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
nothing you lost account forever
Kgamer 29days ago
What i do if i lose the user id and the transfer id
<< Anonymous(Kgamer)
noobie 25days ago Reply
nothing you lost account forever
Mokhtar 30days ago
The is wonderfel
iv lost everything n idk my transfer code what do i do?
Gimana cara ngembaliin akun kita tapi kode transfernya hilang

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Maybe Been ladden Cuck
how come i can limit break some 5 star characters but not awaken them to 6 star. hinata (nice gir...
Does that include using pills to increase the speed stat
Yea and a 20x for susanoo sasuke
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