Transfering game data

This page explains how to take over game data.
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update 27/08/2016

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How to transfer data

Checking user ID & transfer code


To see user ID and transfer code, tap "Other" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap "Data Transfer".


User ID and transfer code pops up. Note them to play the game on another device.

Playing game data on another device


Tap "Data Transfer" at the top of the start menu screen.


You will be asked to enter user ID and transfer code. By entering those codes, you can take your game data over.


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Merry 16days ago
can i transfer android to apple?
Can i transfer my account( both user id and code) to a different version of the game? (like for example the normal version to the japan version)
So If uninstall the game then install again with the data transfere I won't risk anything ?
<< Anonymous(Nihal)
DarkTPman Reply
Yes,if you remember your transfer id and your user id
<< Anonymous(Nihal)
Bil Reply
This dumbass lied to you I lost my main account so I got over it and made a new one got it to level 131 with a handful of 6 stars and a few ultimates I come here seen this and I was like oh cool. So I did it and now I can’t get either one of my accounts back. Thanks guy! And if you were curious it says get data transfer until you complete the tutorial. That’s also what happen on my second account.
The game won't let me transfer my data back even though I have my id and code?
<< Anonymous
Bil Reply
For the code you put all caps
Kirigaya Kazuto
I have my used Id and code. I uninstalled the app. Can I get the data back if I re installed and put in the code and ID?
<< Anonymous(Kirigaya Kazuto)
maine Reply
how many times can you data transfer on a device
I had an account on another phone but it broke what do I do now
I have an account on another phone but its broken, how can I use that account on another device? (I paid for pearls in that account)
<< Anonymous(Carl)
Daniel Barker Reply
I lose my transfer code and my user id, what do i do ?
I forgot my transfer code ¿can i do something?
I only cave screenshot to my user code but tve transfer code not ¿can i do something?
If u transfer your account to another phone that already has a account what will happen to that account

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can i transfer android to apple?
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did not help me out all with my queston
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