Transfering game data

This page explains how to take over game data.
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update 27/08/2016

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How to transfer data

Checking user ID & transfer code


To see user ID and transfer code, tap "Other" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap "Data Transfer".


User ID and transfer code pops up. Note them to play the game on another device.

Playing game data on another device


Tap "Data Transfer" at the top of the start menu screen.


You will be asked to enter user ID and transfer code. By entering those codes, you can take your game data over.


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Pickle 14days ago
If you were to transfer the game to anouther phone, would you have the same data on both phones or take it away from the original phone?
It is not working because I am transferring to the same phone
<< Anonymous(Synder )
Pickle 14days ago Reply
This happened to me and i got mine back even without having to transfer. Maybe try starting the game to see if your data is still there.
cccc 26days ago
Can I use 2 device on 1 account for e.g laptop and phone with only 1 account?
Anonymous 26days ago
Can I use 2 device on 1 account for e.g laptop and phone with only 1 account?
Someone said they will delete my account and he/she managed to get into my account please help! And if they can, can they change the account ID please help!
<< Anonymous(Marcos)
Jessie 29days ago Reply
From what I know I don't think you can change the transfer code
It keeps asking me to finish the tutorial and I have I just want my max naruto bond and obito uchiha it won't let me transfer my data and I've done the tutroiriwl on 2 different accounts please hwlp
My phone randomly logged out of my Naruto Blazing account on its own? I don't have my USER ID or TRANSFER CODE, I'm mad since I just got my first 6* fighter.
I keep trying to get my account back through Data Transfer just that it always tells me to finish the tutorial, eventhough i've already finished it in the new accounts i make. Can i get any help with that?
I'm trying to transfer that shit but it keeps asking me to finish the tutorial ¬¬'
I want to transfer to my o+ but it always goes back to home tell me how to fic it please
Can you transfer an account using a gmail?
I have a question. Can i get my account if i know my User ID but i forgot my Transfer Code???

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