Haku (Frozen Heart)

This page shows Haku ( Frozen Heart )'s pros and cons, jutsu, stats, and skills.
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Haku (Frozen Heart)


Haku is the weakest ★6 unit that is currently available in the game. The long range unit Gaara ★6 even has more attack. He has a good amount of HP (nearly the best @ 1428).


His Jutsu and Secret technique are also both AOE making him quite useful for certain situations. With taking into account any modifiers his normal Jutsu does 2223 damage to each unit he hits and his secret technique does 4979 to each unit hit. Previously was not considered a great unit and quite a few rerolled accounts for a better ★6 but he has found a use in PC due to the AOE Jutsu. His Jutsu costs 5 chakra to use so have to wait until his third turn to be able to use but if used correctly can win you that match. Haku does have his uses but other 6*s are preferred and potentially will become obsolete quite quickly.


  • AOE Jutsu can make him useful for PC
  • Jutsu can get ultra combo (15 hit or more) when two enemies in range and gives you bonus chakra
  • Very High HP


  • Lowest ATK 6* currently in the game make others a better choice
  • 5 Chakra Jutsu means that you have to wait a little while to be able to use"
Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome evaluation notes!



Max Star level6 Star
Base Cost49
Min Cost25
(Limit Break)

Limit Break

Haku (Frozen Heart) is one of the limit-breakable characters. It can level up to 150.


Hidden Jutsu: A Thousand Needles of Death
5 star2.5x ATK in Body damage to all enemies in range.Chakra:6
6 star2.5x ATK in Body damage to all enemies in range.Chakra:5
Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors
6 star5.6x ATK in Body damage to all enemies in range.Chakra:10


Field Skill
5 star Reduce chance of stun by 10% - 15%
6 star Reduce chance of stun by 15% - 20%
Buddy Skill
5 starIncrease linked Ally's critical hit chance by 2x.
6 starIncrease linked Ally's critical hit chance by 2.25x.


5 star
5 star
6 star
6 star


1.Reduce Skill Damage
2.Attack Boost
3.Critical Rate Boost
4.Critical Rate Boost
5.Reduce Skill Damage

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