Best 8 Characters Less Than 6 Star

This page shows the most useful characters which their max rarity is 5 star.
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Best Characters

Less than 6 star

In Ultimate Ninja Blazing, 6 star is the highest rarity and those characters are the most powerful. However, 4 or 5 star characters also works well. This page shows the most useful characters less than 6 star based on their stats, moves and field skills. This list is in no particular order.

Max 5 star

1. Kakashi (The Best Teacher)

Kakashi has the new limit break feature available to him. As well as it giving him good stats he also has a very good chance to immobilize enemies with his Ninjutsu for 1 turn.

2. Kabuto (The Sound's Spy)

Kabuto is a healing character. Both his Ninjutsu and Field skill heal and he is currently the best one in the game. You will find he is needed to be successful on most of the harder missions.

3. Shikamaru (Lazy Guy)

Shikamaru is good for his immobilization Ninjutsu. He is highly useful for boss fights as he can stall the bosses big attacks giving time to heal, charge Chakra and generally deal damage.

4. Haku (All for his Loved Ones)

Haku is a good all round character. He has healing with his field skill, ok stats, chance to immobilize enemies and has higher than average luck. Generally useful character.

5. Lee (Never Gives Up)

Rock Lee has the new limit break option available to him making him one of the strongest in ATK out of the 5*.

6. Zabuza (The Demon Returns)

Zabuza has the new limit break feature available to him. This makes both his HP and ATK very good and can keep up with some of the 6* characters.

7. Haku (The Icy Mask's Blades)

Haku has the new limit break feature available to him. He is very similar to the limit break Rock Lee but not quite as good. He is Heart type whilst Rock Lee is Body so will hae uses in other missions. For details of Haku, .

8. Hinata (Proof of Resolution)

This new Hinata over takes the old one in a few way as she is now able to heal with her Field skill. She also has 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns so is great for avoiding bosses Ninjutsu. She also has good stats for a 5*.

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Also, Tayuya has an AOE ninjutsu-sealing jutsu which has saved my life many times when facing multiple foes trying to do jutsu at the same time. Definitely overrides Hinata.
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Hi, you are right this page need a renewal. Since I am managing the website by alone mostly, I have no time to do it. Will be glad if you can help me. Thanks.

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