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This page explains what Limit Break is, how to apply it to a character, and 4 star scrolls.
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update 10/09/2016

Updated on 11/1

Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome notes about the feature!

Limit Break

What is Limit Break?

Limit break is a new mechanic that has been added to the game. The limit break feature allows for you to upgrade characters past their maximum level so these characters can keep up with the stats of the new releases. Not all characters can limit break, currently there is 8 characters in the game and these are listed below.

Required Item

To use the new limit break feature you need to use special materials which can be acquired through a limited time event (more on the materials below).

Limit-breakable Characters

This is a list of the current limit break characters that we have.

Rarity and Limit Break

The ★5 characters can be limit broken six times whilst the ★6 ones can be done ten times. Only the ★6 characters require the character crystals currently as well. This means the ★5 characters can reach level 100 rather than 70 and the ★6 ones can reach level 150!

Limit Break Materials

There are two types of materials needed to limit break, scrolls and crystals. The crystals can only be obtained through doing the event emergency mission, "Trials: Training the Next Generation" currently.

Type Crystals

There are two types of crytals to collect, type crystals and character crystals. The type crystals are the following:

  • Skill Crystal
  • Heart Crystal
  • Body Crystal
  • Wisdom Crystal
  • Bravery Crystal

How to obtain

These crystals can be acquired from both the rank A and B mission.

Character Crystals

The character crystals are the following:

  • Naruto Crystal (Heart)
  • Sasuke Crystal (Skill)
  • Kakashi Crystal (Bravery)
  • Gaara Crystal (Bravery)

How to obtain

These Crystals can only be obtained from the rank A mission.

Awakening character crystals

The character crystals can also be awakened to a ★6 version. These awakened versions are needed after you have already limit broken your character five times. You need four of the same character crystal as well as a ★3 and ★4 scroll of the same type as the character crystal to awaken it.

4 Star Scroll

Scrolls that are needed for limit breaks are ★3 and ★4. The ★4 are a new addition to the game and as well as this they have now allowed us to awaken scrolls.

How to awaken scrolls

We need six copies of the same scroll to upgrade it to the level above. For example if you have one 2★ Heart scroll and then another additional five ★2 Heart scrolls to use as upgrade material this will allow you to awaken them into a ★3 Heart scroll. This is how you get the ★4 scrolls, collect ★2 and ★3 scrolls from the daily events and awaken them.

How to Limit Break


To limit break your character you will need to first of all make sure it is one of the listed above characters and then already have it as it maximum level (either ★5 or ★6 and at its top level of either 70 or 100).


On the team menu of the game you will see an option for Limit Break and on this menu if you click the character you want to limt break it will show you what materials you need for that limit break. These will change and get harder as you limit break more and will cost you more and more ryo so make sure you stock up a good few million for this.


Once you limit break your character you cannot limit break it again until you have maxed its level again which will be another five as this is the amount the cap changes by each time.


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Hot New Top
how come i cannot limit break gaara (many bonds)?
how come i can limit break some 5 star characters but not awaken them to 6 star. hinata (nice girl ) is my person of interest ..
<< Anonymous(rjbrezinsky@gmail)
What’s Life Reply
Ikr I just finished limit breaking her
Why cant I limit break anbu?
<< Anonymous(Viking)
Pervert Reply
When is the best time to do summon so that I can get the best character?!
Or while summoning how long should I hold the rasengan to get the best results?!
<< Anonymous(Senjuice )
Senju Reply
Holding rasengan has nothing to do with RNG.
<< Anonymous(Senjuice )
Senjuice Reply
I found out you have to release it when the word "Release" gets bigger and blinks bolder. You must release as soon as you notice a deeper bolder flicker, then you would get help from sasuke, sometimes sasuke and sakura. Higher chance for a silver character, or gold.
<< Anonymous(Senjuice)
Anonymous Reply
The best banners to pull are the ones that garauntee you a card or if they gave lots of featured characters like blazing fest. Don't pull on banners with less than 5 main characters because its harder to get good cards.
I have 6* 99 luck Jiraiya.. but help me to make it 6*Ultimate
<< Anonymous(Susmeet)
Anonymous Reply
You have to feed him pills and max his level up with ramen. When the values for the pills (the number in brackets next to the stats) are yellow you can stop feeding pills and he will be ultimate.

You should feed wisdom (purple) pills until the top bracket (next to his health) is 300.

You should feed bravery (yelllow) pills until the bottom bracket (next to his strength/attack) is 100.

Thanks, because I had 4 pain crystals and u had no idea what I could do with them
Wow, thanks for the important informations..
Thanks for the help!
Does anyone know when there will be another event to get the character crystal for haku a frozen heart
Does this website update often?
<< Anonymous(-Vader- )
Nick Reply
No this website is behind a lot of things in this game
Where do I get the Sakura hardened resolve crystal? I've been doing both trials over and over for the last 2 days but haven't gotten on for her.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you get it from the trials of jiraya which is an event in the emergency mission section. You do A rank to obtain the crystals to limit break your sakura.
How do i get training weights to awaken Rock Lee to "eight gates"?
<< Anonymous(Senjuice)
Senjuice Reply
Just found out, must do rock Lee emergency mission, prefer A rank
<< Anonymous(Senjuice)
Elementrix Reply
Rock lee emergency mission

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