Zabuza Momochi ( Silence of Madness )

This page shows Zabuza Momochi ( Silence of Madness )'s pros and cons, jutsu, stats, and skills.
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Zabuza Momochi (Silence of Madness)

Currently one of the better units in the game. Because of his attribute as well he is not bad against any units. He has both very good HP and ATK stats at 1136 and 1355 making him a must have for most people.


His Jutsu is an AOE and does 2710 damage to each unit he hits. This isn't a great amount of damage considering it is a 5 Chakra Jutsu and because of how high his base damage is but with the ability to have a chance of sealing the opponents Jutsu by 25% can become very useful. His secret technique on the other hand is very powerful with damage dealt at 8943 to a single unit without any modifiers and then heals you between 7% - 10% of the damage dealt which is great if you lack healing characters.


Special awakening materials are needed for him to reach 6* so bare this in mind as you will have to wait for the event to come to be able to do this but overall he is recommended.


  • High base stats
  • Not weak against any other units
  • Very powerful secret technique
  • Chance of your teams Jutsu being sealed reduced by Field Skill


  • Jutsu and secret technique are a little high so might need to stall for them and normal Jutsu is over shadowed by the secret technique
Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome evaluation notes!

How to Get

Zabuza Momochi ( Silence of Madness ) is obtained from event Gacha and different from Raid Zabuza which can be awakened up to 5 star.



Max Star level6 Star
Base Cost55
Min Cost22
(Limit Break)

Limit Break

Zabuza Momochi (Silence of Madness) is one of the limit-breakable characters. It can level up to 150.


Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu
5 star2x ATK in WIS / Wisdom damage to all enemies in range, 15% chance of sealing jutsu for 2 turns.Chakra:6
6 star2x ATK in WIS / Wisdom damage to all enemies in range, 25% chance chance of sealing jutsu for 2 turns.Chakra:5
Silent Killing
6 star6.6x ATK in WIS / Wisdom damage to one enemy, heals your HP by a slight amount.Chakra:10


Field Skill
5 star Chance of receiving anti-healing is reduced by 15% - 20% (Excluding Friend skills).
6 star Chance of receiving anti-healing is reduced by 20% - 25% (Excluding Friend skills).
Buddy Skill
5 starReduces SKL / Skill damage by 15%.
6 starReduces SKL / Skill damage by 20%.


1.Attack Boost
2.Health Boost
3.Clone Jutsu
4.Combination Attack Reduction Rate Boost
5.Health Recovers w/Map Movement
6.Clone Jutsu


5 Star

6 Star

Awakening Material

To Awaken Zabuza, players need 5 Executioner's Blades. That material is obtained as reward for completing A-rank Zabuza raid mission.

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