Increasing stats efficiently

This page explains how to increase character's stats and the way to save Ryo for enhancing.
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How to increase stats

Enhancing characters by using boost items

A player can increase characters' stats, health and strength, by enhancing. To power up stats, health boost or attack boost items are needed. The amount of increase varies by the rarity of those boost items.

Health Boost : Large Sphere of Endurance

This item is 3 star health boost. It adds 10 health to a character.

Where to see gained stats

A player can check stats increased by using boost items. For example, Sound Ninja has gained 25 health through enhancement in a screenshot below.

Tip: spending less Ryo

A player can save Ryo for enhancing by doing as the followings.

  • Enhancing lower rarity character to add health or strength value
  • Enhancing a character which you want to power up by using the enhanced character as an enhancing material
  • Enhancing increases stats with less cost and less EXP

Case 1 - Enhancing Hinata with health boosts

Enhancing Hinata with 3 health boosts costs 5,400 Ryo, adds 25 health, and gives 1,250 EXP. Due to the character's higher rarity and level ( 5 star and level 18 ), enhancing it requires such higher cost.


  • Increased Health: +25
  • Ryo Cost: 5,400
  • EXP Earned: 1,250

Case 2 - Enhancing Hinata with enhanced Sound Ninja


Enhancing Sound Ninja ( 1 star and level 1 ) with 3 health boosts costs 300 Ryo, adds 25 health, and gives 1,875 EXP.


  • Increased Health: + 25
  • Ryo Cost: 300
  • EXP Earned: 1,875


Enhancing Hinata by using the enhanced Sound Ninja as a material adds 25 health as well as above and costs 1,800 Ryo. The total cost is 2,100 Ryo and 3,300 Ryo is saved. Even though gained EXP is less, Hinata can gain stats with less cost.


  • Increased Health: + 25
  • Ryo Cost: 1,800
  • EXP Earned: 613


What does the ramen do? Do you have to use the skill ramen to enhance a skill character?
Thanks for the tip
Does it make a difference adding strength and health if the character is already maxed out?
Should I max out their Health and strength before enhancing them with ramen, or does it not matter?
How do you get these health and attack boost thing efficiently?
<< Anonymous(RiceGod)
GameA1 Reply
You can get level 3 attack/health boost from story missions. Have a character with high luck stats and challenge story missions. We may add details of boost drop near future!

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