[Haku Raid] Behind the Ice Mask

This page shows details of the emergency mission, tips for completing, and lists of maps and enemies.
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Behind the Mask

Behind the Ice Mask: B

  • Required Stamina: 25
  • Special Reward Conditions:
    1 ) No continues allowed
    2 ) Complete within 20 turns
    3 ) Take no more than 10,000 damage

Behind the Ice Mask: C

  • Required Stamina: 15
  • Special Reward Conditions:
    1 ) No continues allowed
    2 ) Complete within 20 turns
    3 ) Take no more than 5,000 damage

Haku ( The Icy Mask's Blade )

Players can get level 4 Haku ( The Icy Mask's Blade ) by completing mission, Behind the Ice Mask, at both rank B and C. Players can power up the character to 5 star and it contribute to increase team's health due to its higher HP stats. For details of Haku, tap the link below.


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'Body' characters

Since the boss's attribute is Heart, Body characters can reduce the damage of the boss's attacks and moves while Body jutsus are effective against it. Note, however, that some of lesser enemies are Skill element, which is strong against Body.

Body characters as shields

The boss tends to attack a closest character. To reduce damage, put a Body character near Haku.

Range of Haku's move

Haku's move damages all characters in range. To avoid getting fatal damage, keep certain distances between each of your characters.

Long Attack Range

On map 3 of mission B, lesser enemies appearing with Haku have field skills to reduce attack. To avoid getting attack reduction and beat those enemies faster, bring long range characters.

Team suggestion

1. Haku ( Frozen Heart )

  • Body element and decreases damage of the boss's attack.
  • Middle range jutsu to beat the boss and lesser enemies.
  • Higher health contributing to raise team's HP.

2. Gaara ( Sand Defense )

  • Very long range attack and move.
  • Easy to do combination attack with a body type character as a shield.
  • Move has an additional effect of immobilizing an enemy at 30%

3. Sakura Haruno ( Maiden in Love )

  • Only one Body type healer along currently available characters.
  • Buddy skill to boost attack.

Drop Rate

To get the character, Haku, at higher rate, taking characters have higher luck value is important. Luck is increased by enhancing a character with using the same character as a material.


Maps, Enemies, and Notes

For details of enemies, tap names of them in tables.

1 - 1

Enemy Attribute Turn
Zori Heart 1
Bandit Body 3
Bandit Lackey Body 3

1 - 2

Enemy Attribute Turn
Enemy Skill 1
Thief Skill 1
Enemy Body 3

2 - 1

Enemy Attribute Turn
Mist Chunin Male x2 Wisdom 2
Mist Anbu Male x2 Bravery 3

2 - 2

Enemy Attribute Turn
Enemy 1 Skill 2
Enemy 2 Body 4

3 - 1

Enemy Attribute Turn
Haku Heart 1
Mist Chunin Male Braver 2
Mist Anbu Male Skill 3

On map 3 - 1 at level B mission, two lesser enemies have field skills decreasing attack.

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