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This page explains what our website, GameA, is and current game databases run by us.
update 01/09/2016
Naruto Blazing Top Story (1/8):
New Tenten has been added!
update 01/09/2016

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GameA manages databases for smartphone apps. Our database is optimized for smartphone view and be updated all times to provide the latest and appropriate information.

Need Help!

We are currently looking for someone who can help us make this website more attractive. If interested, send email to [ ] or drop comments on our website's general discussion forum.

Special Thanks to

  • VynnIce
  • bwf182

They helped this wiki by writing very nice characters evaluation. We appreciate their kindness.


We will request players to work on the followings.

  • Taking new characters screenshots (Japan and global)
  • Writing characters evaluation
  • Updating tier list
  • Writing tips for completing raid missions
  • Answering FAQ

Guides by GameA

Three Titles

We are currently handling databases for three smartphone apps. We surely cover other titles near future, so keep your eye on it!

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lack upgrade damage because they have stronger currently
Hello I just started playing ninja blazing and everytime I got to missions a text pops up its in ...
Awaken 28
It won't allow me to awaken some of the characters in Naruto Blazing. Why?
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