Gaara (Sand Defense)

This page shows Gaara (Sand Defense)'s pros and cons, jutsu, stats, and skills.
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RatingSS: 9.5/10

Gaara (Sand Defense)

He is one of the best units so far. With his long range he is able to attack all enemies on the screen at once, most of the time. If it's a weak attribute enemy, he kills them with one hit sometimes. (If max pills + possible buddy skill: over 1000 Dmg) With his Ninjustu he deals over 3000 Dmg with a chance of immobilization, which buys you 2 additional turns.

Now he has the highest attack value for a long range unit and does with his Special over 9000 - 10000 Dmg (depends on field skills). Because of his range he participates in most of the attacks to deal additional Dmg. When doing a 25-Chakra cost emergency mission, he is able to reduce with his Special 50% or more of the bosses health.


  • High attack value for Long Range
  • Ninjutsu has a chance to debuff enemy
  • Does a lot of Dmg with Special
  • Field skill may keep your attack value without a debuff
  • Able to attack all enemies most of the time


  • His Ninjustu and Special do only single target dmg
  • Low Attack in comparison to other 6* units
  • Buddy skill won't be used much cause Gaara is a unit for the first row
  • Special with high Chakra cost (need to stall sometimes)
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Star levelLevel 6 star
(Limit Break)
Luck1 --

Limit Break

Gaara (Sand Defense) is one of the limit-breakable characters. It can level up to 150.


Sand Coffin
5 star3x ATK in BRV damage to one enemy, 30% chance of immobilization for 2 turns.Chakra:7
6 star3x ATK in BRV damage to one enemy, 30% chance of immobilization for 2 turns.Chakra:6
Sand Burial
6 star8.3x ATK in BRV damage to one enemy.Chakra:12


Field Skill
5 star Reduces the chance of your attack being reduced by 15% - 20% (Excluding friend skills).
6 star Reduces the chance of your attack being reduced by 20% - 25% (Excluding friend skills).
Buddy Skill
5 starReduce damage from Wisdom enemies by 25%.
6 starReduce damage from Wisdom enemies by 30%.


5 star
5 star
6 star
6 star



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would be nice under awaken you list the needed scrolls. just put the scroll icons in between the big pics.
Where do you get the red 3 star scrolls?!?!? Please tell me!

Thanks in advance!
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
Hi, thank you for your question. 3 star scroll can be obtained by completing scroll search missions. I forgot which rank it was, but would say rank-B or rank-A.
Who is the best partner on him.I have 6 star haku naruto and sasuke.who among them is the best partner on him and why?
<< Anonymous(Jino)
VynnIce Reply
I would recommend 6* Naruto at first if your team cost isn't high enough, because of his buddy skill Gaara will get his Attack boosted by 115, instead of 95. 6* Naruto is also a very nice unit for the first row, if you change him with Gaara other teammates will get a Attack Boost by 80-160 with his Field skill. Not only that, he makes also a lot of Dmg with his Ninjustu and Special.

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