How do I efficiently increase the luck of my 4* Zabuza?

Do I spam raid the 30 stamina quest and fuse it with 4* Zabuza's or do I turn these 4* to 5* then fuse them together? Would I yield an efficient luck stat gain?

PS: 4* Zabuza, when fused with same 4*, it only gains 1 luck per enchance. Do I turn them to 5* first then fuse to get a higher luck stat gain?


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Luck is only cumulative. 1+1=2 no matter if they are 5 star or 4 star.

But the cheapest way to do it would be to enhance 1 4 star zabuza with 10 copies b/c the lower the level of the character to be enhanced, the cheaper the cost.

Awaken 1 4* copy to 5* then fused all the 4* luck copy to the 5* copy and you will gain all those luck at cheap ryo cost.

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