Tier List for Rerolling

This page shows the character rarity tier chart for rerolling. Some players may want to to restart the app until getting those rare characters.
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update 20/09/2016

Updated on 9/22

Thanks to bfw182 for nice notes on the tier list!

Rarity Tier


For details of rerolling, refer the link below.


  • The tier list is for rerolling and do not include raid characters.
  • The tier list shows only globally playable characters.
  • Please refer to the character evaluations for more details. Tap the name of characters for that.
  • You may also want to see the tier list of Naruto Blazing Reddit.

SS Rarity Tier

Original four 6* characters have been bumped to SS because at the new maximum stats due to limit break making them extremely powerful units.


Those characters can be pulled only at 5 star.

S Sarity Tier

These characters are not as powerful as the SS rank tier but do all have a place on most teams. These characters are mostly ranked S due to their Ninjustu which can become very useful for different events.


Haku can be pulled only at 5 star. Kabuto and Shikamaru can be pulled at 4 or 5 star but 5 star is recommended.

Haku ( Frozen Heart )
(Frozen Heart)
Kabuto Yakushi ( The Sound's Spy )
(The Sound's Spy)
Shikamaru Nara ( Lazy Guy )
(Lazy Guy)

A Rarity Tier

Tier A characters are good units as you will be limited to your team pick due to team cost. These are over shadowed by the tiers above but will have units very similar with lower stats and more cut down abilities.


Neji, Tayuya, and Sakura can be pulled at 5 star and that is recommended. Shizune can be pulled at 4 star and that is recommended.

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