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Welcome! The forum for Naruto: Ninja Blazing players. Have talks about your team, gacha result, and strategies to complete missions.

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Donovan 20days ago
Donovan 20days ago
Here's my Itachi Uchiha limits of his ability may be useful to update your wiki
Elijah 31days ago
My name is Elijah in bible
Elijah 31days ago
Hey wassup one day you will see I am Elijah the messenger or Mahdi in the Quran
Genos 1/1/1970
I have a problem my team cost stop going up and I am only level 53 and my team cost max is 150
Genos 1/1/1970
I have a problem my team cost stop going up and I am only level 53 and my team cost max is 150
Jordan 1/1/1970
Is sauske ready for curse mark 2 impact in the final valley available yet bc if it is it I don't see it I the emergency missions any help would be welcomed or if u know when it is available plz let me know
Nick 1/1/1970
How do you raise luck to 99
Vamsi Krishna.vamo 1/1/1970
How often do packs cycle as I missed the blazing season..??
anoymous 1/1/1970
Why are the pearl hacks online bullcrap? They want you to fill out surveyS or install apps then you don't get anything. YouTube guys are liars in the videos
anoymous 1/1/1970
Is anyone updating this site anymore?
anoymous 1/1/1970
For ultimate you have to make 99 luck max level and max side stats

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same here, but i had phone issues and even the screetshot for tranfsercode deleted.. i was 142 an...
It's because the recent stupid update, when they bring it back, or if hopefully, then I will...
Thanks for the tip
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Get it updated to the newest version. There are a lot more characters
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