Phantom Castle Tips

This page shows tips for winning phantom castle, such as hot to position characters, effective use of Jutsu, recommended characters, and their strength and weakness.
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Phantom Castle

Win Phantom Castle for Rewards

Phantom Castle (PC) is playable during a certain period. By winning battles in PC, players can obtain rewards, such as item, gem, and characters.

How to Attack

How you position your units on PC is the most important part to winning it. You can have the best team and easily lose and also the opposite with having not a great team and beating superior ones.

Position & Type Match-Up

It is very important not to group characters up together unless you are going for final blows and use type advantage carefully. In the ideal game you would like to try to get each of your units in a different corner of the map and each one having a type advantage over the opponent. This doesn't normally happen though because some units are netural/good against all other types and these units appear a lot on PC (Zabuza/Kakashi). Take on each enemy individually and do the best that you can with type advantage so that you can maximise the damage that you do whilst taken less then normal.

Finishing with AOE Jutsu

Once you done that above and you have lowered the opponents health down to a lowish point you can carefully then start to postion your characters to try and group your opponent up whilst trying not to group up your own too much. Once this is done use your AOE Ninjustu to deal damages like 4k - 8k to finish the game. Another somewhat obvious useful tip would be to carefully pick your opponent. You only get to see what one of there units is so pick someone that you know you have a type advantage over and remember that the better rank they are the more points you will earn.

Best Ninjas

Sasuke (Lone Survivor)

  • Jutsu

    His Jutsu costs 4 Chakra so is quite quick to use and it has many hits so can gain you a Chakra back if you hit two enemies with it. The Jutsu can also cause slip damage which can be extra damage of around 400-500 so over the course of the match could do the equivalent of an extra attack for you.
  • Stats

    His health stat is also currently the highest in global making him an ideal pick for PC.
  • Positioning

    Due to his short range try to keep him away from your other units and if you can put him up against short to mid range units his has the chance to counter attack giving you even more damage. One thing to be aware of is a lot of people use the 6* Naruto so make sure he keeps clear of units like him.

Naruto (No.1 Maverick)

  • Stats

    Naruto can be a useful assest to your PC team as with most ★6 units due to having high stats. His stats are not the highest out of the ★6 but also he is not at the bottom.
  • Attribute

    Due to his type he is a good counter to Sasuke and Kakashi (Hidden left eye) which appear a lot at the higher ranks of PC.
  • Jutsu

    His Jutsu costs 4 so is quite quick to use but unfortunatly only hits a single enemy. The Jutsu does have a high hit count of 14 so if one other units joins in for a combo hit then you will gain an extra Chakra for all your Ninjas.

Zabuza (Silent Madness)

Zabuza is currently one of the best in the game and should be on your PC team if you can get a copy of him. He has one of the highest attack stats and due to his type isn't bad against anyone.

  • Jutsu

    His Jutsu costs 5 Chakra so isn't the quickest to use but does have a AOE to it. Positioning the AOE can be a little tricky but with the chance to also seal the enemies Jutsu for 2 turns can be a life saver. If you do manage to hit multiple enemies with his Jutsu you are looking to do 4065-6775 before any modifiers so could easily turn the tides in your favor.
  • Range

    Zabuza is also a mid ranged unit so if you have played carefully towards the end of the match if you are at the upper hand you can send him into battle to try and get combos as he will give out massive damage for multi hits (only do this if you know you can take a few hits the next turn just in case you don't win from that attack).

Haku (Frozen Heart)

Haku is another useful ★6 unit for PC. He has a very good health stat (his ATK stat is ok but compared to the other ★6 units is the weakest though) so can keep you in the battle for longer and a good ranged AOE Jutsu.

  • Jutsu

    His Jutst costs 5 Chakra to use so isn't the quickest but it is very easy to land it on multiple enemies. It also hits for 10 on each unit you can get with it so if you land it on two then it will give all your characters an extra Chakra. Once grouped hit with another AOE Jutsu to try to finish it (only do this to finish the games or it could backfire).
  • Attribute

    He has a very good match up in the current PC as he is bad to only Sasuke and Hidden Left eye Kakashi and at the higher rank will be very very unlikely to see any other Skill units.
  • Ability

    He extra abilities also reduce Skill damage taken so if you have dupes of him he is a quite a safe unit to use.

Gaara (Sand Defence)

As with most most ★6 units Gaara is good for PC due to reasonable stats and with his high range he can easily attack two enemies whilst only getting by one of them.

  • Jutsu

    His Jutsu costs 6 Chakra so is slow to use and most likely will only be able to be used once. If it does land its immobilization it would be very handy on the other hand.
  • Attribute

    Because of his typing he hits Wisdom units hard but also gets hurt a lot by them. Many people use Wisdom units currently in PC so can be risky. Although his range is a great asset I personally think some other ★5 units are a better pick over him.

Kakashi (Copier of 1k Techniques)

Kakashi (Copier of 1k Techniques) is quite similar to Zabuza as he has both very good stats (more HP that Zabuza but lower ATK), and also has a typing that isn't bad against any enemy.

  • Jutsu

    His Jutsu costs 5 Chakra to use so is quite slow but is an AOE. His damage multiplier is higher than Zabuza's Jutsu so his lower ATK is nearly made up for this on his Jutsu (still is a little weaker than Zabuza's). The AOE is the same as Zabuza's so can be a little trick to land on multiple units but with the extra effect of 40% chance to lower the enemies ATK you will see the benefits of this quite often.
  • Attribute

    The one thing to be careful of is that Wisdom units do a lot of damage to Kakashi and he also does a lot of damage to them. Currently in PC you see more Wisdom units so you could end up eating a lot of damage as most the Wisdom units used have good ATK stats and with Kakashi having mid range could easily get caught up in unwanted attacks.

Kakashi (Hidden Left Eye)

The newest Kakashi to join us in Naruto Blazing and one that I consider to be very good. He has very good stats and is realistically the only other choice of a Skill unit that you would want.

  • Jutsu

    His Jutsu costs 4 Chakra to use so it quite quick but it only targets a single enemy. The damage it does before any modifiers is 3624 which is powerful but not as good as a well placed AOE Jutsu. This Jutsu also has a small chance to immobilize the enemy for 2 turns which if it can be pulled off can make a huge difference.
  • Attribute

    With this Kakashi being a Skill type the units that he is good against which you are most likely to see in PC is Haku ★6 and Choji ★5 so try to pair him up against them. You are more likely to see Heart units than Body so be careful with your pick of enemies.
  • Abilities

    What makes this Kakashi so good is his extra abilities to dodge attacks if you have had extra copies to feed him with. If you can get that abilities maxed out he would be the best unit on your team and would most likely win you most game as long as you still played carefully and tactically.

Kabuto (The Sound's Spy)

Healing is a very powerful ability in PC. Kabuto is the only viable option for it as otherwise your teams stats will be too low. He can heal nearly 2000 health in one go with his Jutsu and Field skill and considering that your overall health will be between 3k - 4k this is a huge help. If you are against Kabuto, the healing is much less impressive as 2k health out of 30k isn't in the same ratio. With him being a Wisdom unit as well he isn't bad against any other units.

Hinata (Nice Girl)

Hinata has good all around stats for PC. Her Jutsu allows for her to tank hits which is very useful but at the cost of 6 Chakra does take a very long time to be able to use. Because of this other cards are preferred over her. With her being short range as well she will need to be used 1 on 1 with an enemy in the opposite corner of the map.

Sakon (Sakon of the West Gate)

Sakon has a good damage output and has a Jutsu cost only 3 Chakra so can do some big damage quick, due to his short range you should try to have him take on a unit in one corner of the map away from the rest or he will be an easy target for multi hits and it will be hard for you to be able to hit more than 1 enemy with him.

Neji (An Unchangeable Destiny)

Neji is a better Sakon in terms of stats as he has a higher damage output. His Jutsu does cost 5 Chakra however to use making him slower but his damage will be more. This comes down to preference mostly but I would choose Neji unless the rest of my team had high multiplier AOE Jutsus to charge my Chakra quicker and if that was the case Sakon could be more feasible.

Choji (Glutton)

Choji is a very very good unit for PC due to having very high health and quite decent damage as well as an AOE Jutsu. His Jutsu costs 4 Chakra so it can be used quite quickly but you need to be careful not to group Choji up due to his small range he would take unneeded hits and not be able to attack everyone back. His field skill of boosting attack can be useful when going for a final push but in theory wouldn't be used much as you want him away from your other units.

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