Leveling up faster

This page shows the way to level up faster, how to get ramen, and tips for using enhancement materials and completing Ramen Report mission.
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How to level up


A player use enhancement materials and Ryo ( a unit of money ) to level up characters.


Ramen gives a character more EXP (experience point) than other enhancement materials. Getting Ramen is important When you get your character levels up faster.

Enhancement Tip

Materials' element

When enhancement material's element matches with a character's element, gained EXP is increased. For example, Bravery Naruto gains 3,300 EXP from Bravery Ramen and 2,200 EXP from Body Ramen as the following screenshots.

Bravery Naruto & Bravery Ramen

Cost 2,600 Ryo and gain 3,300 EXP.

Bravery Naruto & Body Ramen

Cost 2,600 Ryo and gain 2,200 EXP.

EXP Gained from Ramen

How to get Ramen

Ramen Report

In the list of emergency missions, a player can find a mission named Ramen Report and can obtain some Ramen items by completing the mission. The mission can be tried multiple times.

Elements and level of Ramen items a player obtains differ by missions. For the Ramen Report in this screenshots, Wisdom Ramen is Reward.
Now a player can enhance characters by using such obtained items and spending Ryo.


SaturdayAll ( Scroll only )
SundayAll ( Ramen only )

Getting Rich Quick is held on Saturday and Sunday.

Ramen Report Tip

Multiplayer to save stamina

Multiplayer mode allows a player to complete missions without spending stamina. Since Ramen Report requires more stamina than missions of story ( Usually Ramen Report costs 15 of stamina), joining multi player is the best way to get more Ramen Items.


how to maximum lvl for 6 star hero ? why i just have lvl 100 ? :(
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