Sasuke Uchiha ( Lone Survivor )

This page shows Sasuke Uchiha ( Lone Survivor )'s pros and cons, jutsu, stats, and skills.
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RatingS: 9.0/10

Sasuke Uchiha (Lone Survivor)

Although he has the highest stats on global right now, he is the worst ★6 character. Why? Because of his Ninjutsu, Special and Range of course. That is all said in comparison to other ★6 units and it doesn't mean that he is bad.


He is able to kill a fodder unit with one hit , but only one at a time. It's rare that he attacks 2 or 3 enemies at once. (With max pills + 'possible' buddy skill: over 1600 Dmg).


With his Ninjutsu he is able to deal over 3000 dmg to a normal enemy. If you activate his Special his Attack rises over 2400 or 2500 (depends on buddy skill), after that you can wait and activate his Ninjustu again, but he will only deal over 4500 Dmg.

In comparison to the Special of other 6* units that is almost 50% less Dmg. That means he won't be very helpful to deal a lot of Dmg to a Boss, but you can use him and his Ninjustu to get rid of the annoying fodder units on a boss stage at first. Especially if the enemies have all weak attributes.

Field Skill:

His Field skill is nice, it gives you a chance to do a counter attack after an enemy attacks you. But most of the time it will be used only by himself, because of his short range. Other units have to be in his range to get a 25%-50% chance to counter, what is very risky for your health.


  • Highest stats on global so far
  • Ninjutsu deals AOE Dmg with a chance on slip dmg
  • Low Chakra cost
  • Field skill gives a chance for counter attack


  • He has a short range
  • Special boosts only his own Attack
  • Low Ninjutsu multiplier
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Star levelLevel 6 star
(Limit Break)

Limit Break

Sasuke Uchiha (Lone Survivor) is one of the limit-breakable characters. It can level up to 150.


Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
5 star1.8x ATK in SKL damage to enemy(ies). 35% Chance of poisoning the enemy(ies) for 5 turns.Chakra:5
6 star1.8x ATK in SKL damage to enemy(ies). 35% Chance of poisoning the enemy(ies) for 5 turns.Chakra:4
6 starBoosts own ATK by 50% for 10 turns.Chakra:8


Field Skill
5 star 23% - 46% Chance to counter-attack enemies.
6 star 25% - 50% Chance to counter-attack enemies.
Buddy Skill
5 starReduces damage from status effects by 20% (Excluding ninjutsu attacks).
6 starReduces damage from status effects by 25% (Excluding ninjutsu attacks).


5 star
5 star
6 star
6 star

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How do you limit break a 6* character and make it go past max level like my sasuke is staying at 100 and won’t go to 105 like I need it to

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