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This page describes what is Ryo, the ways to earn Ryo, and how to use Gama-chan in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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update 26/08/2016

What is Ryo?

Ryo is required to enhance or awaken a character. More Ryo cost is needed as the character's level and rarity is higher.

How to earn Ryo

Login bonus

Players can gain Ryo as login bonus. Login bonuses are put in present box and players can receive that whenever they want. There are two kinds of the bonus.

  • Daily Login Bonus

Players can obtain this login bonus when opening the game first time every day. By keeping login every day, players can get a different bonus. Once the daily login count reaches the max number of days, the count will reset.

  • Total Login Bonus

Once the count of players' first login everyday reaches the certain number, players can receive this bonus.

Completing mission

Players complete mission to earn Ryo. Additionally, players can get special reward completion bonus by achieving required conditions. Special rewards are stocked in present box until players take them from the box.

Checking conditions for special rewards

To get special rewards successfully, see conditions before trying missions. Those conditions can be checked by tapping shuriken-shaped icon.

To see conditions required for special bonus, tap the shuriken-shaped icon at the right side of the screen. The title of the mission switches to lists of conditions and rewards.
Conditions are displayed.
Special reward completion bonus are displayed.

Taking bonuses from present box

To receive two types of bonuses, players have to go present box. They can receive those bonuses whenever they want.

Emergency Missions

On Saturday and Sunday, players can find Getting Rich Quick, which gives an opportunity to earn Ryo.

Getting Rich Quick

This mission is held Saturday and Sunday. For other daily missions, tap the link below.

How to use Gama-chan

Players will receive Gama-chan by completing missions such as Getting Rich Quick. By releasing it, players can earn Ryo. To release characters, tap the "Teams" icon at the bottom of the screen and tap "Release".

List of Gama-chan

Gama-chan ( Flat )

Rarity:1 Level: 1
7,500 Ryo is earned for releasing.

Gama-chan ( Full to the Brim )

Rarity: 2 Level: 1
20,000 Ryo is earned for releasing.

Gama-chan ( Big Spender )

Rarity: 3 Level: 1
45,000 Ryo is earned for releasing.


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