Rock Lee (The Eight Gates)

This page shows Rock Lee ( Eight Gates )'s pros and cons, Ninjutsu, stats, skills, and abilities in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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How to Get

Special Gacha

Now players can summon Rock Lee ( Eight Gates ), Neji Hyuga (A Caged Bird), Ino Yamanaka (I Don't Want to Lose), and Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution) from special gacha. Lee and Neji can be awaken to 6 star.

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Rock Lee ( Eight Gates )

RatingSS: 9.0/10

Rock Lee is currently the strongest character in the game in terms of damage output.


His base ATK stat is 2197 and he also has a very good HP stat of 1503.


His Ninjutsu is a single unit hitting attack with a damage multiplier of 3.2 meaning he does damage of 7031 before modifiers. This costs 5 Chakra so it a little expensive but worth it for the damage.

Secret Jutsu

His Secret technique is a much improved version of Sasuke Uchiha's (Lone Survivor). It raises his damage by 150% for 10 turns and also charges his Chakra by 4 meaning he can perform a Ninjutsu straight away next turn. The only down side to this is that he takes slip damage for 10 turns and he cannot attack on the turn he uses it. His Ninjutsu after this boost hits for 17576 and can easily hit 20000 with either a critical hit or having a type advantage.

Range and Skills

He has a short attack range and also has the Field skill to counter attack just like Sasuke (Lone Survivor) and Neji (A Caged Bird). His Buddy skill also has a chance to boost your critical hit rate by x2.25 which is one of the higher ones in the game currently.


He is a highly sort after character because of the impressive damage output he has but bare in mind that he needs special awakening material to get him to awaken to 6*.


  • Highest ATK stat
  • Big damage output for numerous turns


  • Short attack range
  • Secret techniques cause slip damage to yourself
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Star level6
Lv1Lv max
Health (HP)1503
Strength (ATK)2197
Range (attack range)Short-


Primary Lotus
5 star3.2x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range.Chakra:
6 star3.2x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range.Chakra:
The Gate of Life
5 starChakra:
6 starChakra:


Field Skill
5 star23%-46% chance of attacking back when receiving an attack.
6 star25%-50% chance of attacking back when receiving an attack.
Buddy Skill
5 star
6 star


1.Attack Boost
2.Combination Critical Rate Boost
3.Critical Rate Boost
4.Attack Boost
5.Critical Rate Boost


To awaken Rock Lee to 6 star, players need to get awakening materials, Weight of Gut, by completing Rock Lee raid mission ( rank-A ).

Weight of Gut



Rock Lee Raid

Rock Lee raid event, the Leaf's Handsome Devil! is available now. Players can get Rock Lee (Never Gives Up).

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The raid isn't around anymore, does that mean I can't get my 5* to a 6*??
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
The raid will come back. Usually past missions appear again due to updates.
<< Anonymous
Hi Reply
The rock lee raid will come back soon, as of right now, while I am writing this, it is still available
Please help I'm on 5* with rock lee, Itachi and Zabuza I have 5 of the special tools for each character but when I go to the awaken screen my characters are greyed out they are on level 70 BTW
I got two rock lee eight gates. Should I enhance one of them to increase ability which is attack boosts, or should I keep both rock lee.
which one worth more to the game?

Dlaczego nie moge ?
Dlaczego nie moge ?
Well, I got 2 Rock Lee Eight Gates, and I'm wondering if I should keep two eight gates 6 stars * or Enhance one of them getting + Ability and + Luck on mine eight gate.

What is mostly worth?

2 eight gates
1 eight gates + ability + luck

the first ability of rock lee eight gate is attack boosts

<< Anonymous(pdr)
Anonymous Reply
Guys can I still get that Weight of gut if I lose and I used pearls? Or you still can get it as long as you completed rank A? please answer. Thanks!
<< Anonymous
bfw182 Reply
Yes you can, the pearls are used as continues so you will still have a chance of the weights dropping. It is only a chance so sometimes it appears and other times it does not.
Rock Lee as 6 star with Pills
<< Anonymous(OppaiD)
Anonymous Reply
Looks nice! I added his stats to this page!
<< Anonymous(OppaiD)
Anonymous Reply
Looks nice! I added his stats to this page!
hey is there any other way to get this char, other than spending 50 pearls to summon, which doesn't really guarantee that he will get summoned? I think after a while grinding pearls become super difficult, especially if you have cleared the story mode (both normal and hard) and the daily login also becomes suckier cos currently I am on the 10+ days, which mean that i can get 5 pearls once every 5 days :(

This is becoming more and more unfair, imo (haha sorry ranting since all the 5 star chars that i've ever gotten are gaara, then gaara again, then gaara again, like, whut.)
<< Anonymous(Gryzzle)
Anonymous Reply
There is no way to get the Lee rather than summoning at this point, I know your feeling though.
Hey do you know how many of the awakening material (weight of guts) I need to awaken lee from 5* to 6*? Thanks!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I believe 5 of it are repuired as same as Zabuza.

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