How to Play Phantom Castle

This page notes what is Phantom Castle, how to play, tips for winning battles, and rewards.
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Phantom Castle

What is Phantom Castle?

In Phantom Castle (PC), players fights against other player's teams. By winning battles, they can obtain items, such as Ramen and Ninja Pearl.

When Is PC Available?

Phantom Castle is playable for a certain period. There will be announcement on the in-app news when Phantom Castle is open.

How to Play

Stamina for PC

Players use 1 stamina per Phantom Castle challenge. That stamina is different from that is required for story and emergency missions. One Phantom Castle stamina is refilled by a hour or players can refill full stamina by using 1 Ninja Pearl.

Team Building

For challenging Phantom Castle, players build a team of 3 characters. Since there are no characters in back rows, buddy skills do not work. There is no cost limitation.

Rival Team

A team which player have a battle with is selected randomly. Only team leaders are displayed.To switch the shown team to other, tap Update button.

Team's Health

For your team and rival team, health is not assigned to each character but the total of members of the team.

Gainning Points

Players earn points by winning battles. Once earned points reaches certain amount, players can go to a next floor.


Floor Reward

By going to next floor, players can get reward.

Ranking Reward

By being ranked higher players can get reward.

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Why can't i play phantom castle?
<< Anonymous(LOWKZ)
GameA1 Reply
Phantom castle was available during a certain period in Japan but is currently unavailable both in Japan and globally.

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