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This page describes what are attributes, ths list of elements, and how the elemental afinities match up in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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What are attributes / elements?

Five elements

In the newly launched Naruto app, Ultimate Ninja Blazing, each character is assigned to one of the five elements: Hear, Body, Skill, Bravery, and Wisdom. Understanding attribute match-up helps you win easily and successfully. For example, when Naruto Uzumaki ( The Worst Loser ), a heart-element character, attacks an enemy of skill-element, the power of Naruto's attack increases since heart-element is strong against to skill-element. On the other hand, the heart-element character can decrease the damage of the attack of skill-element.

Element match-up

A table below shows the element match-up in Ultimate Ninja Blazing. The attributes at the left side of the table is strong against to those at the right side.

Element match-up chart

Heart-, skill-, and body-elements are in a element-triangle: heart > skill > body, while in reverses heart < body < skill. Being independent from those three attributes, bravery and wisdom are strong and weak against each other.

Strong Weak
Heart Skill
Skill Body
Body Heart
Bravery Wisdom
Wisdom Bravery

Damage modifier

Choosing the correct Ninja to fight the opponents is the key to victory in this game. You either get damage boosts or reduces depending on what type of match up you have gotten into. Below is a list of the modifiers.

  • Super effective damage = 1.5 x damage done
  • Weak against damage = 0.5 x damage done

In a battle

A player can see the attributes of the active characters and the enemies, and the element match-up chart while in a battle as shown in the screenshot below.


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