Neji Hyuga (A Caged Bird)

This page shows Neji Hyuga (A Caged Bird)'s pros and cons, Ninjutsu, stats, skills, and abilities in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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How to Get

Special Gacha

Now players can summon Rock Lee ( Eight Gates ), Neji Hyuga (A Caged Bird), Ino Yamanaka (I Don't Want to Lose), and Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution) from special gacha. Lee and Neji can be awaken to 6 star.

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Neji Hyuga ( The Caged Bird )

RatingSS: 9.0/10

Neji is currently the best character in the game.


He has a good HP stat of 1401 and a great ATK stat of 1804. Although he is not the strongest character in the game it is his Ninjutsu and Secret techniques that place him in the top spot.


His Ninjutsu costs 5 Chakra so is a little expensive and also has a low damage multiplier of 1.5. This means that before taking into consideration modifiers he hits for 2706 damage but his Ninjutsu is AOE and its range is that of a mid range circle. The Ninjutsu has the added ability of a 70% chance to immobilize the enemy/enemies for 1 turn which is a good chance and can stall bosses for you.


His Secret technique changes from an AOE to a single hit with a big damage multiplier of 6.8 meaning he deals damage of 12268 before modifiers. As well as that incredible damage he has a 40% chance to seal the enemies Ninjutsu for 5 turns. With both the ability to immobilize and seal his enemies he is a must have character.

Range and Skill

He has a short attack range and also has a counter attack Field skill which is useful for a character with high ATK stats. His Buddy skill reduces damage from Body type characters by 20% so clever switching with tank characters can allow you to easily stall for your Secret techniques to finish enemies off with.


  • Very high stats
  • Can both seal and immobilize
  • Buddy Skill allows tanking Body hits easier"


  • Short ATK range
Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome evaluation notes!



Max Star level6
Lv1Lv max
Health (HP)7011401
Strength (ATK)9021804
Range (attack range)Short-


Eight Trigrams: Palm Rotation
5 starChakra:
6 star1.5x attack toward all enemies in range, 70% chance of immobilizing for 1 turn(s).Chakra: 5
G. First: 8 Trigrams 64 Palms
5 starChakra:
6 star6.8x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range, 40% chance of sealing jutsu for 5 turns(s).Chakra:10


Field Skill
5 star23%-46% chance of attacking back when receiving an attack.
6 star25%-50% chance of attacking back when receiving an attack.
Buddy Skill
5 starReduces skill-elemental damage by 15%.
6 starReduces skill-elemental damage by 20%.


1.Immobilization Rate Boost
2.Attack Boost
3.Attack Boost
4.Counter Sensor
5.Jutsu Sealing Rate Boost



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