[Rock Lee Raid] The Leaf's Handsome Devil

This page notes details of the Rock Lee raid mission, the Leaf's Handsome Devil, tips for completing, and lists of maps and enemies.
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Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome notes about the mission!

Rock Lee Raid

Leaf's Handsome Devil

Now Rock Lee raid mission is available globally! 

Get Rock Lee!

By completing the mission, players can get drop Rock Lee (Never Gives Up). Additionally, by completing the A-rank mission, players can obtain Weight of Guts, an awakening material needed to awaken Rock Lee (Eight Gates) to 6 star (This Rock Lee is summoned from a special Gacha).

Mission Details


Required Stamina40
Special Reward Conditioons
No continues allowed
Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using Ninjutsu
Skill elementals only


Required Stamina25
Special Reward Conditioons
No continues allowed
Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using Ninjutsu
Skill elementals only


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Skill characters recommended

You will take mainly skill units due to there being quite a lot of Body enemies. However, this mission also has Heart, Skill, Bravery and Wisdom enemies in it and quite a few appear all at once. For this reason having an all Skill team might make some of the earlier parts of the map difficult.


Have 2 healers on the team and stall at the end of each section. Split up your characters carefully and when you have 1 enemy left have the 2 healers group in a corner healing and charging Chakra until you have max. Defeat the last enemy and then use your Ninjutsu in the next stage to get to the last enemy and do the same strategy.

Rock Lee's Jutsu

  • The boss, Rock Lee, does some serious damage and when you reduce his Health to below half he will get "Continuous", and this means he will do his Secret technique boosting his attack by 150% and then instantly does his Ninjutsu on your closest character.
  • You will want to make sure that this character is Skill otherwise you will be taking over 4000 damage and could cost you the mission. If you stick with 2 healers away from Rock Lee and a strong hitting Skill character tanking his hits and attacking back you should be able to defeat him but it might take a little bit of time.

Team suggestion

Neji (A caged Bird)

  • Skill type and can tank hits.
  • Has a chance to counter attack for good damage.
  • Ninjutsu has a great chance to immobilize Rock Lee which will allow you to stall his Ninjutsu attacks so you can heal more.
  • Neji can also deal a massive amount of damage with his secret technique to Rock Lee of about 18400.
  • He is also useful to pair up with another Skill Ninja so you can switch him and his Buddy skill reduces Body damage by 20% meaning you can tank his hits really well.

Sasuke (Lone Survivor)

  • Skill type and can tank hits.
  • Has a chance to counter attack for good damage.
  • He has very impressive stats if fully limit broken and even if not he is still very good.
  • Due to his AOE Jutsu he is better at clearing the other units in bulk.

Haku (All for his Loved Ones)

  • Skill type so can tank hits.
  • Has average stats for a 5* but does have a passive heal Field skill which can come in handy.
  • His Hinjutsu also deals ok damage to Rock Lee and does has a chance to immobilize him for 2 turns (only 15% chance unless you have unlocked all his abilities).
  • Buddy skill boosts ATK by 95 so if teamed up with a heavy hitting character with a high damage multiplier (Neji for example) can do a good extra bit of damage.

Kakashi (Hidden Left Eye)

  • Skill type so can tank hits.
  • Has good stats with being a 6* and can be used as your main wall against Rock Lee.
  • If he has all his abilities can a good chance to dodge attacks and he also has his Secret technique which gives him perfect dodges.
  • His Ninjutsu hits for roughly 5435 against Rock Lee and has a chance to immobilize him for 2 turns (only 20%).
  • His Buddy skill also reduces damage from Heart types by 20% so is useful because in the earlier stages of the map there are 3 of them and as you will have mostly a Skill team it can be a little tricky.

Kabuto (The Sound's Spy)

  • He is a key character for nearly all raid events due to his very powerful healing ability.
  • He will be needed for this event to do it without Ninja Pearls.
  • His job will be to stick to a corner out of the way with another character healing using his Field skill and Ninjutsu when needed.


Maps, Enemies, and Notes




3 Leaf Chunin Male appear with turn count 2 and Danger.


Once you start to defeat them 4 Leaf Chunin Male appear (2 Bravery, 2 Wisdom), these can spawn in separately depending on how many of the previous ones you have defeated.



1 turn after Rock Lee appears (Body) (Raid version).





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Hey I've collected every piece for rock lee 8 gates but it won't allow me to awaken when I go to awaken screen he isn't available for awakening... I have 5 training weights and lots of scrolls... plz help thanks
Hey can u make another rock lee raid I didn't get to evolve my rock lee I got from a summon
<< Anonymous(Robert)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you for good info I can't wait to see him!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How do you get rocklee's abilites please tell me
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
You can make his abilities available by enhancing your rock lee with other rock lee cards that has same name to the one you want to enhance.

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