Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution)

This page shows Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution)'s pros and cons, Ninjutsu, stats, skills, and abilities in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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How to Get

Special Gacha

Now players can summon Rock Lee ( Eight Gates ), Neji Hyuga (A Caged Bird), Ino Yamanaka (I Don't Want to Lose), and Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution) from special gacha. Lee and Neji can be awaken to 6 star.

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Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution)

RatingA: 7.5/10

This new Hinata is quite similar to the old one with being able to tank/stall but each has a more specific use.


Firstly this Hinata has better stats (not by much) of 1176 HP and 1132 ATK. These are quite good well rounded stats for a 5* character.


Her Ninjutsu costs 4 Chakra so is quite quick to use and it gives her 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns. This is very useful for avoiding bosses attacks and Ninjutsus but not so useful if you are against lots of enemies as these will get used up quickly (Other Hinata is better for lots of enemies with her damage reduction). She is only a short ranged character but her Ninjutsu allows for her to get close to the enemies.

Ability and Attribute

If you have also enhanced her with 4 other copies of herself she has the chance to be able to dodge hits with the Substitution Jutsu. She also has the ability to passively heal through her Field skill so she is a hard hitting healer. Her typing also means that she isn't bad against any enemies.


If your team needs a passive healer this Hinata is a very good pick.


  • Passive heal Field Skill
  • She can stall with dodge Ninjutsu/abilities
  • One of the stronger passive healers


  • Short attack range
  • Doesn't have offensive Ninjutsu so no big damage output


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Star level5
Lv1Lv max
Health (HP)1176
Strength (ATK)1132
Range (attack range)Short-


5 starGives you 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns.Chakra:4


Field Skill
5 starRestores 120-170 health.
Buddy Skill
5 starReduced chance of receiving immobilization by 20% (Not Field Skills).


1.Slip Damage Rate Boost
2.Substitution Jutsu
3.Slip Damage Rate Boost
4.Substitution Jutsu




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