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This page shows details of update in the game, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
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New Tenten has been added!
update 16/09/2016

This page was updated on 9/21 by bwf182 to note about the game's update on 9/21.

New Mechanic

Cost Reduction

It is now possible to reduce the costs of your Ninjas when you you acquire abilites for them. For example if you have Kakashi Hatake (Hidden Left Eye) and you enhance him with another copy of that character he will gain the ability listed on the card (in this case Substitution Jutsu) but will also have his cost lowered. This cost will be lowered for every ability you gain on that card. Using this new feature cards cannot have their cost lowered to below a cost of 4.

Emergency Missions

Leaf's Handsome Devil

Emergency Mission: The Leaf's Handsome Devil now available. This event allows you get the special awakening material for Rock Lee (The Eight Gates) from beating the rank A mission (Not a guaranteed drop). You are also able to get the raid version of Rock Lee (Never Gives Up) from beating both rank A and B missions. In addition to this you can also obtain up to 18 Ninja Pearls for completing the special reward conditions!

The Mist Demon

Emergency Mission: The Mist Demon is coming soon. This event will allow players to obtain the special awakening material for Zabuza (Silent Madness) if they missed out before. You can also get the raid Zabuza (The Demon Returns) from the rank A and B missions. In addition you can also obtain upto 22 Ninja Pearls for completing the special reward conditions!


Proof of Hard Work Summon

New Neji and Rock Lee banner is out now. Don't miss out on a chance to get currently two of the best characters in the game. Please see below the characters with the increased summon rate:

Rock Lee (The Eight Gates)
Neji Hyuga (A Caged Bird)
Ino Yamanaka (I Don't Want to Lose)
Hinata Hyuga (Proof of Resolution)

Please be aware Rock Lee requires special awaken materials.

General News

Friend Point Storage

Maximum Friend points has increased from 10000 to 20000.


Messaging friends is now conducted using a preset message


Quicksave data now will not be erased when used to return to a mission. The quicksave data will remain until the end of the mission.

New Sakura

New Sakura Pearl bundle coming soon. She will be able to be obtained when purchasing the new set of Ninja Pearls that she is attached to. Date is unknown currently.

Phantom Castle

The second Phanton Castle is coming soon. The reward will be a new Hinata childhood!

Phantom Castle Notes

Update on 9/15 is below

9/15 New Mechanic

Limit Break

The new Limit break feature has been added to the game. It allows us to upgrade certain characters past their normal maximum level. To max out these characters you will need to aquire the correct awakening materials which can be found in new emergency missions and by awakening 5x ★3scrolls to make the new ★4 scroll.

9/15 Emergency Missions

Trials: Training the Next Generation

Trials: Training the Next Generation now available. This mission allows you to get the new materials to be able to limit break the selected characters. Rank A missions gives both Limit Break Crystals as well as Character Crystals. Rank B mission gives only Limit Break Crystals. This mission can only be done on solo and with no continues allowed.

Hidden Leaf's Secret Ultimate Taijutsu

Hidden Leaf's Secret Ultimate Taijutsu is now available. This missions allows you to collect Kakashi Hatake (The Best Teacher) as well as up to 22 Ninja pearls for completing the missions under the stated conditions.

Behind the Ice Mask

Behind the Ice Mask is now available. This missions allows you to collect Haku (The Icy Mask's Blades) as well as up to 18 Ninja pearls for completing the missions under the stated conditions.

9/15 General News

Max Character Capasity

The Maximum Character list has been updated so that it can now go upto 350!

Quick Save

Quicksave data is now saved after every turn.

Special Ninja Pearl

If the Naruto Blazing official Facebook page reached 30,000 likes all users will get 5 free Ninja pearls!


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why are some characters in the game disappearing such as Obito drawn to life and Madara vilest name
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Anon Reply
Make sure you have all your filters selected. Go into the character list and click “Filters” and select “All filters” not sure those are the correct words they use.

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