Best way to earn Ryo
This page describes what is Ryo, the ways to earn Ryo, and how to use Gama-chan in Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
[Haku Raid] Behind the Ice Mask
This page shows details of the emergency mission, tips for completing, and lists of maps and enemies.
How to Play Phantom Castle
This page notes what is Phantom Castle, how to play, tips for winning battles, and rewards.
Phantom Castle Tips
This page shows tips for winning phantom castle, such as hot to position characters, effective use of Jutsu, recommended charac...


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You can have two kakasis for example, underneath their name when you view the character it might ...
What i do if i lose the user id and the transfer id
her title is Valiant Warrior
So you can't get this zabuza in game just asking because I got his sword
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