Trials: Training the Next Generation

This page shows details of the mission, Trials: Training the Next Generation, such as benefits for players, tips for completing, and maps.
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Mission Details

Trials: Training the Next Generation

Trials: Training the Next Generation is an emergency mission. The event was released following the install of new mechanics, Limit Break. Unlike other missions, this is for only solo mission, and multi play is unavailable to complete it. Additionally, no continues are allowed.

Get Crystals for Limit Break!

By completing the mission, players can obtain type crystal and character crystal ( character crystal is only obtained by completing rank-A mission). Those items are used to conduct limit break.


Required Stamina40
Special Reward Conditioons
Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using Ninjutsu
Complete within 50 turns
Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using a three person Combination

Note: Each condition rewards 1 Ninja Pearl.


Required Stamina25
Special Reward Conditioons
Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using Ninjutsu
Complete within 20 turns
Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using a three person Combination

Note: Each condition rewards 1 Ninja Pearl


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Bringing Body Characters

  • On this particular Emergency Mission, all the enemies are Heart type so bringing at least 2 or 3 Body-attribute characters with you will give you a great advantage. Use the Body type characters to take all the hits.
  • If you don't have enough Body types on your team, use a long ranged character to hit the enemies from a safe distance or just hit them with Body type for super effective damage.

Bringing Healer

Bringing a healer with you would be recommended as the final boss can take a while to defeat and will land numerous hits with his large range and ability to attack twice on the odd occasion (Continuous ability). Just a passive healer like Sakura will be enough as long as you are careful with your positioning.

Prepare for fighting against Hiruzen

Stalling on the last enemy on map 3 before Hiruzen appears is recommended to build up Chakra ready for him. This will also allow the health/Chakra bottles to fill up so if anything goes wrong you can collect one and basically heal to full health.

Dodging Hiruzen's AOE jutsu

Hiruzen on the Rank A missions spawns in with the Initiative ability meaning he strikes instantly and this first strike will be his AOE jutsu. Do not have your characters grouped up as you defeat the last enemy before him or you could take a big multi hit to the face dealing about 6k if you have no resistance and it hits all 3.

Team Suggestions

Haku (Frozen Heart)

  • Body type and can tank hits.
  • High HP to help you take more damage and last longer.
  • Secret technique hits for about 9k on Hiruzen which helps a lot due to his very high health.

Sakura (Maiden in Love)

  • Body type so can tank hits.
  • Passive heal field skill is very very handy and can keep you basically at full - health all the way until Hiruzen.
  • Long range allows her to hit all enemies most of the time.

Kabuto (The Sound's Spy)

  • Preferably wanted as a buddy Ninja to switch to when you want to heal.
  • Shizune also works fine for this.

Body-Attribute Characters

Any other Body type in friend slot (Haku would be best pick).


Maps, Enemies, and Notes

For details of enemies, tap names of them in tables.

Map 1-1

Leaf Chunin Male x3Heart2

Map 1-2 (A-rank)

  • For B-rank mission, 3 Leaf Chunin Male appear.
Leaf Chunin Male x2Heart2
Konohamaru x1Heart1

Map 2-1

Leaf Chunin Male x4Heart2

Map 2-2 (A-rank)

  • For A-rank mission, Either Ebisu or Anko appears.
  • For B-rank mission, either Ibiki, Ebisu, Kakashi, Konohamaru or Anko appear.
Leaf Chunin Male x2Heart2
Ebisu x1Heart2

Map 3-1 (A-rank)

  • IN B rank mission, 2 Leaf Chunin Male appear as well as either 1 Konohamaru, Anko, Ibiki or Ebisu. Once all 3 are defeated Hiruzen Sarutobi appears
Leaf Chunin Male x3Heart2

Map 3-2 (A-rank)

  • In A-rank mission, either 1 Anko, Kakashi, or Ebisu appear.
Leaf Chunin Male x2Heart2
Kakashi x1Heart1

Map 3-3

Hiruzen x1Heart2

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Hinata fucker
Fix u
For my team, I prefer a justu sealer like a wisdom neji. The justu spammer Body Rock Lee (never gives up). A barrier person like heart hinata or the second hokage which is also a body type. And for your friend I prefer the new Guy who is a body type or a the new body type Rock Lee. I beat it two times in a row. BUT NEVER GOT MY KAKASHI CRYSTAL
I've completed the B-rank version of this mission a dozen times, and I have only gotten ONE skill crystal and NO body crystals. Am I missing something?
<< Anonymous(Lunos)
Loco Reply
I'm getting tons of body and heart it's a good thing. but no skill crystal that I need for now.

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