Limit Break

This page explains what Limit Break is, how to apply it to a character, and 4 star scrolls.
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update 10/09/2016

Updated on 11/1

Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome notes about the feature!

Limit Break

What is Limit Break?

Limit break is a new mechanic that has been added to the game. The limit break feature allows for you to upgrade characters past their maximum level so these characters can keep up with the stats of the new releases. Not all characters can limit break, currently there is 8 characters in the game and these are listed below.

Required Item

To use the new limit break feature you need to use special materials which can be acquired through a limited time event (more on the materials below).

Limit-breakable Characters

This is a list of the current limit break characters that we have.

Rarity and Limit Break

The ★5 characters can be limit broken six times whilst the ★6 ones can be done ten times. Only the ★6 characters require the character crystals currently as well. This means the ★5 characters can reach level 100 rather than 70 and the ★6 ones can reach level 150!

Limit Break Materials

There are two types of materials needed to limit break, scrolls and crystals. The crystals can only be obtained through doing the event emergency mission, "Trials: Training the Next Generation" currently.

Type Crystals

There are two types of crytals to collect, type crystals and character crystals. The type crystals are the following:

  • Skill Crystal
  • Heart Crystal
  • Body Crystal
  • Wisdom Crystal
  • Bravery Crystal

How to obtain

These crystals can be acquired from both the rank A and B mission.

Character Crystals

The character crystals are the following:

  • Naruto Crystal (Heart)
  • Sasuke Crystal (Skill)
  • Kakashi Crystal (Bravery)
  • Gaara Crystal (Bravery)

How to obtain

These Crystals can only be obtained from the rank A mission.

Awakening character crystals

The character crystals can also be awakened to a ★6 version. These awakened versions are needed after you have already limit broken your character five times. You need four of the same character crystal as well as a ★3 and ★4 scroll of the same type as the character crystal to awaken it.

4 Star Scroll

Scrolls that are needed for limit breaks are ★3 and ★4. The ★4 are a new addition to the game and as well as this they have now allowed us to awaken scrolls.

How to awaken scrolls

We need six copies of the same scroll to upgrade it to the level above. For example if you have one 2★ Heart scroll and then another additional five ★2 Heart scrolls to use as upgrade material this will allow you to awaken them into a ★3 Heart scroll. This is how you get the ★4 scrolls, collect ★2 and ★3 scrolls from the daily events and awaken them.

How to Limit Break


To limit break your character you will need to first of all make sure it is one of the listed above characters and then already have it as it maximum level (either ★5 or ★6 and at its top level of either 70 or 100).


On the team menu of the game you will see an option for Limit Break and on this menu if you click the character you want to limt break it will show you what materials you need for that limit break. These will change and get harder as you limit break more and will cost you more and more ryo so make sure you stock up a good few million for this.


Once you limit break your character you cannot limit break it again until you have maxed its level again which will be another five as this is the amount the cap changes by each time.


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Hot New Top
I have some 5* characters, such as Kakashi, and since he is at max level I wanted to awaken him, but I can't click him to awaken him, because there is a shade of gray on the character. plzzzzz help!
<< Anonymous(Astroflare)
fasdf Reply
Is he 6 star potential? If he isn't you can't awaken.
<< Anonymous(Astroflare)
Astroflare Reply
Kakashi is 6 star potential
<< Anonymous(Astroflare)
Anonymous Reply
Not true. There are many differant kakashis. Most are able to awaken but not all. The best teacher kakashi holding the book. He can only go to level 5
I can't limit break Kidomaru Tayuya and Sakin they are at their max levels but when I try limit breaking them they aren't highlighted for Limit break
<< Anonymous(ATIS)
Anonymous Reply
Only some characters are limit breakable, go to teams and click limit break, there you will see who is and who isn't
For limit breaking from level 140 to 145, you will need 4 (6*) and a normal (5*) character crystals and 1.22M coins.

For 145 to 150 (MAX), you need 5 (6*) character crystals and 1.44M coins.

To get a 6* character crystal, simply awaken a 5*. You will need 4 (5*) character crystals and one 4* scroll and one 3* scroll of the same color (duh!).

To get a 4* scroll, you need to awaken a 3* scroll. You need 6 of them.

For 130 to 135, you need 673K coins.

Happy farming (^_^)
<< Anonymous(V)
Mula Reply
Money is ez to get. Just run auto on the money event lol.
For limit breaking from level 140 to 145, you will need 4 (6*) and a normal (5*) character crystals and 1.22M coins.

For 145 to 150 (MAX), you need 5 (6*) character crystals and 1.44M coins.

To get a 6* character crystal, simply awaken a 5*. You will need 4 (5*) character crystals and one 4* scroll and one 3* scroll of the same color (duh!).

To get a 4* scroll, you need to awaken a 3* scroll. You need 6 of them.

For 130 to 135, you need 673K coins.

Happy farming (^_^)
So my Itachi (A cold hearted criminal) is limit break compatible but I haven't found anything that mentions him being so. Am I the first or just can't find it cause the game is brand new?
<< Anonymous(Kuroi)
Loud Reply
I am having the same problem
<< Anonymous(Kuroi)
Madbank Reply
Have to do the trial for the crystal
How to get more pearl in gether friend naruto blazing
<< Anonymous(miz)
Anonymous Reply
You only get a certain amount max is 140 I believe.
Lord_So2 Chidori is a he special technique dude
Itachi - Cold Blooded Criminal is now limit breakable.
<< Anonymous(Jataki)
Lord_So2 Reply
I have got zabuza and itachi from emergency missions but they don't show in the awakening section for 6 star. Please help me. Also what materials do I need to limit break 6 star sakura from level 100 to 105?
<< Anonymous(Jataki)
Jataki Reply
Lord_So2, it's still not updated. But you can awaken either by the normal process. Either crystals or enhanced scrolls for Sakura too.
<< Anonymous(Jataki)
Lord_So2 Reply
Thank you. Jamaica. Will look into it. Also could u help me out. I have got uchiha sakuke. Chicory: a new skill, maxed out 6 star but don't know how to unlock the Chicory special. Please help me.
<< Anonymous(Jataki)
Anonymous Reply
Oh I got it. Damn spell check always messes things up.
How do i limit break 5
<< Anonymous(Senjuice)
Senjuice Reply
5⭐ Kisame Lv. 70 to 75? !
He is a new limit break character, and when I choose him in the limit break (break) tab it does not show the materials needed!
<< Anonymous(Senjuice)
K Reply
You need a 4* scroll. To get it you have to awaken 5 3* scrolls
<< Anonymous(Senjuice)
Senjuice Reply
Thanks K
The game just gets better! The AI is becoming more challenging (a bit predictable) but is better specially on the revival of legends... Nice Job Bandai! Keep it up
<< Anonymous(Menma)
Menma Reply
Anyway, When is the next Phantom Castle challenge? If and when the next castle challenge begins, I might suggest getting it real time... it'd be awesome if it is ;)
<< Anonymous(Menma)
Shikadai Reply
What fo you mean"Real time"?
<< Anonymous(Menma)
Menma Reply
I mean, like how multiplayer works, the same could go with Castle only there 2 players are fighting with each other at the same time, so it wouldn't seem like fighting an AI enemy....

Wouldn't you agree that it'd be more fun?
how do i get more heart element type ninja other than summon?
<< Anonymous(aiman)
Menma Reply
Well you can't really get much shinobis other than summons... However never lose hope maybe next time there will be an emergency mission that could provide heart elemental shinobis
<< Anonymous(aiman)
Kidomaru Reply
The Kidomaru gate isn't bad. A free 6 star Heart element type. However, long range comes with low strength.
Dee sok
Anyone know what other material is used besides 4 star scroll and wisdom crystal for 6star Zabuza??
<< Anonymous(Dee sok)
TheMask Reply
You have to get the zabuza crystal from the emergency mission
<< Anonymous(Dee sok)
Anonymous Reply
Character crystal A training only

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