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Welcome! The forum for Naruto: Ninja Blazing players. Have talks about your team, gacha result, and strategies to complete missions.

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does someone know if you can get the new shisui and Itachi again
I can't play. I awakened a character and now one of my teams have exceeded the cost. I can't remove characters from my team either because when i touch them, it says the same warning. "Team cost exceeded. Please reassemble your team"
Hey everyone one of my characters completely vanished and I know I didn’t get rid of her and I checked all the filters and stuff is anyone else having that issue?
Hey guys I’ve been trying to purchase pearls from the store but it keeps saying I don’t have enough money when I have more than enough anyone know how to fix this?
Hey does anyone know why I can’t level up Obito Uchiha (drawn to life)? He doesn’t appear at all on my enhance screen. I can only level him up by taking him on missions anyone know how to fix it?
<< Anonymous(Sader)
Trust Reply
Im having the same problem kinda. I can enhance mine and do anything else with him but he wont show up to be awakened.
Any clue why do I need 6 items to have in inventory instead of 5? It shows I need 5, which I have. But it's red. -- in Awakening
make ingame chat!! pls
I had missing few character since Dec 2017. in the beginning I though that I was accidentally released it but when I do summon some of the character that I get didn't show in my character list. below is the list of my missing character;

1. Obito Uchiha (Despair of Loneliness)
2. Obito Uchiha (Faraway Dream)
3. Tobirama Senju (Quiet Fighting Spirit)
4. Madara Uchiha (Path of Dreams)

all this still shown in my encyclopedia as I owned it but it is cant be found in my character list. kindly please help me on this. I had spent a lot of time playing this game and I love it. but this kind of error make me feel a bit disappointed.
<< Anonymous(Bobby)
RussWest0 Reply
Yes bro it's had the same obito that's missing but when I open up ninja world clash he shows up available to add to the team but he's a lv. 1
<< Anonymous(Bobby)
Naruto fan Reply
Go to your charectors, look at the top right and click the button, probably says "elements" or something. That is the sorting tab, from there click "filters" and make sure to click the uchiha and senju buttons at the bottom to enable them. Looks like those charectors are just disabled in this setting
So I had the Madara from summon and it disappeared. I would like my Madara back plz and thanks.
<< Anonymous(VanWolf)
Fangirl Reply
It happen to me just now! Had 40 pearls summon and receive obito (the rikudo) but I can't find it in my caharacters!
I summoned an obito and he didn't show up in my team to enhance or in character list, what should I do?
bad luck boi
I am f2p,all gems are hard earned... bb banner 2 multis no gold shafted 2 times...I want to delete this game for wasting my time
I got a new phone and want to transfer the game over but it’s saying I will lose all my pearls. Is there a way to keep my pears?

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Awaken 28
It won't allow me to awaken some of the characters in Naruto Blazing. Why?
This dumbass lied to you I lost my main account so I got over it and made a new one got it to lev...
U have to feed the strength and health pills
did not help me out all with my queston
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