Damage Calculator

Here is a tool to calculate how much damage a character can make, based on type match-up, stat, critical hit, and other factors.
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update 25/09/2016
Thanks to bfw182 for his awesome idea!

How much damage?

How to use the tool

You can see how much a character damage an enemy by using the calculator below. Enter a value or Select from options.


  • Attack Stat: This item is required to run the damage calculator.
  • Character Type: HRT/HRT means the first HRT is the attacking type while the second is the defending. Super effective damage (x1.5) and weak against (x0.5).
  • Jutsu Modifier: Ninjutsu attack.
  • Jutsu Attack Boosts: Some Ninjutsu, such as Sharingan and the Gate of Life, boost attack.
  • Critical Hit: Critical hit boosts attack x1.5.
  • Attack Pills: Attack Pills can be added up to +100.

Dmg Calculator

Attack Stat required
Character Type
Ninjutsu Modifier
Jutsu Attack Boosts
Critical Hit
Field Skill 1
Field Skill 2
Buddy Skill
Attack Pills

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I'm gonna spam this until someone notices and answers our questions and updates the calculator
Do we know what the base crit rate is yet? It's hard to tell just how useful crit rate ups are.
The attack boost rates of some jutsu are now up to 12x. Just thought I'd let u know.
This is a great calculator, but it's still missing a couple of things. It's still missing the damage modifiers from abilities such as "Attack Boost" and "Attack Boost During Combinations"
<< Anonymous(NarutoBlazingUser)
bfw182 Reply
Hello, thank you for your feedback it is really appreciated. I will be looking into the attack boost abilities very soon and will see what I can figure out on the combination attack boost as well. I hope you like the tool and with feedback like this we can make it into something much greater :)
What about the increase attack ability on a character (NOT buddy/field skill)?
<< Anonymous(David)
bfw182 Reply
Very good point, thank you for pointing this out. I will need to work out how much each of these extra abilities boosts the attack by and whether it is different between different characters or not. Once done we can add this in. Thank you for the feedback and we hope you enjoy the tool :)

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pretty sure this is def not an option....
Yo guys, i got shisui and new sasuke, but i need green characters with heal per turn, like madara...
how do you send friend requests though?
I finished the phantom castle in around 700 place that ended dec 17 2018 and I haven’t gott...
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