how do you upgrade senju from lvl 5 to level 6?


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Hi player!
I go by the name ELDorado in game. Let me share with you how to level up a 5 star character to level 6. On the "Team" options, proceed to "Enhance". Feed the character some pills and ramen ideally of its same type (example is a Bravery character could level up more with a matching Bravery ramen). Once it reaches its max level, go to "Awaken". Certain Lv. 5 characters can go to Lv. 6, for example in this picture, a maxed out Lv. 5 Ino Yamanaka could "awaken" to Lv. 6 after gathering enough requirements (scrolls, crystals etc.). Not all characters though can go to Lv. 6 and the option to awaken them are grayed out.
If you are talking about"Tsunade senju" then you will need 2 3* red scrolls and 2 2* red scrolls
If you want to awaken "Tobirama senju" then you will need the same scrolls but of body element
As for "Hashirama senju" again you will need the same scrolls but of Skill element.
Hope it helps.

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