When will have new story mission and new characters?

Or it will continuously repeat old character but with new outlook only?


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You should update the app for new missions.Sometimes you will get missions repeated.Ex. emergency missions.

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Why can't orochimaru be awakened

I maximized orochimaru but can't awake him now.

What is th3 most easiest raid

Is it zabuza raid or rock lee raid

Getting ninja pearls in emergency missions

Is there something wrong with my game since i don't get any ninja pearls if i join a team in...

Need my acc back.

Is there any way I can get my acc back since i forgot to save the transfer code. Please help

When Temari & Kankuro released in Malaysia ?

The only reason why I play this game is because of this 2 my Favourite characters .

Temari & Kankurou

In this game got Temari and Kankurou ?


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No idea its the same for me
When is the next time this pops up?
I love this naruto very much and i want him so bad and i dont want to play this game without him ...
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