When is the next rock Lee raid?


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This question is waiting for your answer. Look forward to your kind help!

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What is th3 most easiest raid

Is it zabuza raid or rock lee raid

Getting ninja pearls in emergency missions

Is there something wrong with my game since i don't get any ninja pearls if i join a team in...

Need my acc back.

Is there any way I can get my acc back since i forgot to save the transfer code. Please help

When Temari & Kankuro released in Malaysia ?

The only reason why I play this game is because of this 2 my Favourite characters .

Temari & Kankurou

In this game got Temari and Kankurou ?

What is the benefit and specific use of friend summon?

I found that friend summon didn't have benefit at all since it can only summon maximum three...


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No idea its the same for me
When is the next time this pops up?
I love this naruto very much and i want him so bad and i dont want to play this game without him ...
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