Transfering game data

This page explains how to take over game data.
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update 27/08/2016

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How to transfer data

Checking user ID & transfer code


To see user ID and transfer code, tap "Other" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap "Data Transfer".


User ID and transfer code pops up. Note them to play the game on another device.

Playing game data on another device


Tap "Data Transfer" at the top of the start menu screen.


You will be asked to enter user ID and transfer code. By entering those codes, you can take your game data over.


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Can I Combine two acc
What if I can't transfer data because turoroal is nor finished even though it is
Uh can I transfer my account data on to another temporary phone then put it back on my main?
<< Anonymous(Dan)
Suporte Reply
Se ainda estiver com seu id vc pode
Francisco Torres jr
I don’t have access to my old phone, how can I get my data?
Quero recuperar minha conta, meu nome no jogo era "Alailton" ou "Alairton" pfv me ajuda
<< Anonymous
Suporte Reply
Infelizmente sem seu id é impossível recuperar a conta.
Eu perdi meu id, não sei como é mais quero minha conta de volta, será que tem como eu recuperar?
<< Anonymous
Suporte Reply
Infelizmente não.
<< Anonymous
Tem!!! Reply
Manda um e-mail pra
Explica como tu perdeu e pq tu quer de volta. Entre 4 a 8 dias eles te voltam com a resposta
Someone keeps hacking my account is there anyway to change the transfer code or id ?
How do you transfer both of your accounts into one
I cant log to my old account,it keep says i need to finish tutorial,but i think i finish it,how long is the tutorial exactly until i can logback??
Hello Namco Bandai, I played Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing in my phone, but one day I had to change my phone. I had to format the micro sd card and the image with the id and transfer code of Naruto Blazing was deleted. So, i want my account again, i love Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing.
Thank you! My Name of User is LucaRuto
<< Anonymous(Luca)
Yeah hello, just go to the Naruto Blazing website tell them your problem, in your case your transfer code. They will ask you questions about your account that only you would know and then once they confirm its you, they give back your transfer code this is what happened to me and I got my 2 year account back. It was stacked with fully duped characters like FV Naruto and Sasuke and S06PS Madara.
hey how can i merge my two seperate accounts into one account?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pretty sure this is def not an option....
hola buenas tardes alguien me podria ayudar para recuperar mi cuenta lo que pasa es que cambie de cel pero me faltan datos nada mas tengo el ID

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I think only some characters can be ultimate
me fala o seu id e o code
When is the next time this pops up?
I love this naruto very much and i want him so bad and i dont want to play this game without him ...
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